January 6, 2005
Lots of snow today...I heard a bunch of people at work are working from home today so I guess I might as well follow their lead...

Quote of the Moment
Of course I can't see anything! I'm standing on the shoulders of idiots.
Bel, the mostly sane.

Javascript of the Moment
According to Patrick Mahoney of Nashua, NH, there are 292 ways to make change for $1.00.
My Nantucket Nectars Orange Juice's Bottle Cap.
this is
where the
Being a geek, I wrote a program to prove that to myself...and got 242. Turns out that's because I don't consider half dollars to be "real money". (But Patrick Mahoney doesn't consider dollar coins to be real money either, or else it would be 293.) Anyway, I had the big list of combinations, but I prefer the idea of a little computer program that does nothing but obsessively come up with different values of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies that equal a dollar...kind of a dollar changing savant. And here it is. (It's a bit like the old SNL routine "First Citiwide Change Bank", Parts one and two: "At First Citiwide Change Bank, Our business is making change"...All the time, our customers ask us, 'How do you make money doing this?' The answer is simple: Volume. That's what we do.")

Random Kirk Factoid: 292 will always be near and dear to the hearts of people who attended Tufts University in the first half of the 1990s...that was the rank Tufts got (out of 300) for "fun" schools. Some people were bitter about Tufts' lack of fun, or something, and painted 292 on "Jumbo II", a then-new lifesize statue of Tufts beloved mascot.