hunk in sex

January 20, 2005
After yoga I dropped by my mom's place for some Chinese food. She mentioned she was very mildly bummed that I never got around to adding more content to yesterday's entry. I knew my mom read my site here but I was surprised to find out sometimes she'll check it a few times a day...I feel like I've created an addict!

Random thought: the other day it was amazingly foggy. Whenever it gets that foggy I always think of old video games, that would make a foggy land just so the computer wouldn't have to draw nearly as much stuff in the distance. Anyway, since it was so foggy, I decided to try out my highbeams. That worked great...bright fog, just what I needed. Do real "foglights" work any better?

Link of the Moment
Hunkin's Experiments are some really nifty one-panel cartoon science novelties to try. Very cool stuff. (Slightly Amusing URL note: I tend to see as HunkInSexperiments and not HunkinsExperiments...)