these are the bulletpoints of our lives

Feh. I'm feeling kind of down lately. Life is feeling chaotic, too many things I'm not getting a very good grip on... So that's that. Maybe it's partially something seasonal?

I shoveled a lot of snow, and that made be feel very productive. Also I got those curtains up...the trouble is my apartment still feels drafty, and so far the temperature is still 4 degrees below what the thermostat is trying to get it to, so I'm running the heat all the damn time.

Ah well.

How is it with all of you?

Quote of the Moment
The two most anticipated games of the post-season -- against arguably the second- and third- best teams in the NFL -- turned out to be as competitive as a PETA slaughterhouse video.
The amount of hubris in that article alarms me, I'm convinced that as soon as the Pats realize how great they are, that's when they start to lose...