the new corduroy pillows -- they're making headlines!

Thanks for all the feedback in the comments section yesterday. It is nice to feel that I have people watching out for me a bit.

Random Thought of the Moment
It occured to me yesterday that it's a good thing the Patriots' Coach Belichick (is that, like, Italian for "pretty young woman"?) is so amazing and consistent, because if he made some obvious coaching blunders during a game then the Herald headline would write itself:
Just a thought.

Advice of the Moment
So I had even more snow to shovel today. 4-8 more inches to sit on top of the couple of feet we already have. I was thinking "Oh boy...Hot Snow on Snow action!" but then I realized there was a contradiction there.

So, I don't know if this applies in all cases, but the following three-step technique worked pretty well for me:
  1. Insert shovel into snow all horizontally-like. This will let you break up the snow pile. Get a big chunk of snow on that shovel...big enough to make your mama got a lot of snow to move here!
  2. Retract shovel, again keeping things horizontal. This lets like half the snow fall off...I mean, what are you, retarded, you big galoot? You shouldn't lift that much snow! You big dummy.
  3. Ok, now put the snow off to the side.