perly white

January 28, 2005
Ugh. It's so cold in my apartment, like down to 60. The curtains don't seem to be helping all that much, and it doesn't seem to matter if they "block" the radiators or not.

I guess the next step is to try that damn plastic wrap on the shouldn't look so bad with the curtains in front. But the the thing is, I'm realizing that some of the walls are really cold, like special perverse radiators of cold. Could those be what are doing me in? What can I do about those? Wallhangings? A tarp? Should I try moving my books to those walls, could they provide some kind of insulation?

Yikes...I actually wrote that from the comfort of my cozy bedroom this morning, when I close the door it keeps the heat nicely, maybe because it only has one exposed wall...but outside in my front room it's in the mid-to-high 50s. I've got to do something.

Geekery of the Moment
A small, not-terribly-efficient Perl script to grep through the Table of Contents of all .jar and .war files in a directory tree. Shells out to the "jar" command so that has to be on your path...I guess it could be trivially modified to search .zip files instead.

use File::Find;

if($#ARGV < 1) {
 print"jargrep : search for string in ToC of all\n";
 print"          jars and wars in a directory tree\n";
 print"(requires 'jar' command to be in PATH!)\n";
 print"perl rootdirectory searchstring\n";

$rootDirForSearch = $ARGV[0];
$searchfor = $ARGV[1];

find(\&procFile, ($rootDirForSearch));

sub procFile {
 $fullFilePath = $File::Find::name;

 if(($fullFilePath =~ /\.jar$/i || 
   $fullFilePath =~ /\.war$/i )&& 
     !(-d $fullFilePath)) {
  $matchinglines = "";
  $contents = `jar -tf $fullFilePath`;
  foreach $line (split (/\n/,$contents)){
     if($line =~ /$searchfor/i){
       $matchinglines .= "\t".$line."\n";
  if($matchinglines ne ""){
     print "$fullFilePath\n";
     print $matchinglines;
     print "---\n";
Faux Pas of the Moment
[Removing DVD from player] This movie basically should be called "Young Nubile Lesbians in Love". And look...the one on the left has hair just like yours!
Kirk displays his mastery of the social graces when FoSO and Evil B come over to help shrinkwrap the windows. We actually mostly just made sure all the windows were completely shut and latched, which were fairly new, and with the curtains up decided the plastic probably wouldn't help that much.