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January 31, 2005
So it sounds like the elections in Iraq went not-too-badly, better than I expected.

Gary at work was talking about this one Atlantic article, and one point was that our Administration can't spin its message for the Islamic mindset worth a damn. "Freedom freedom freedom" we say, and to the western audience it's an important message. But I've been told, and it makes a certain intuitive sense to me, that in the Islamic marketplace of ideas, it's "Justice". I think in a world carefully architected by Allah, freedom--especially freedom to practice Islam--is important, but it's Justice that should be our stated goal. They probably see the West as having too much freedom, leading too lose, ungodly lifestyles...

Quote of the Moment
Life's too long not to waste time
Title or subtitle of this book at that paper store near Porter Square.
An interesting thought on a refreshing turnaround of all that usual 'life's too short to..' crap.

Combat of the Moment
More Self-Defense from the Turn of the Century. This image is from "How to Use a Walking-Stick as a Weapon in a Crowd" and it reminds me a bit of the "burly brawl" from the second Matrix movie...that guy in the hat is kick butt. Don't miss "One of the Best Ways to Meet a Direct Attack upon the Head with a very Heavy Stick when Armed with an Ordinary Stick."