stackin' turtle action comics!

So I was standing in line in Dunkin Donuts and I noticed a reasonably attractive woman in a jogging suit standing in front me. "She's cute," I thought, "too bad about the birthmark on her head." I glance out the window and see a guy, and he also has a birthmark, but much bigger. Finally the woman's companion shows up, and I wonder if he's related to her, because same birthmark as her, both much smaller than the guy's outside.

Duhhr. Anyway, Happy Ash Wednesday, all you Catholics out there.

Comic of the Moment
So last October Miller ran the fourth grunthunt, a team-based afternoon of puzzles, mindbenders, and randomness. I joined Sawer's team, the Majestic Golden Blowjobs of Heaven. We came in third out of three, but it was close. One bonus challenge was to do the following task involving two stuffed turtles (Cozy and Drowsy) the gamekeepers brought:

construct a 2-minute puppet show or a mini-comic starring two turtles (cozy and drowsy) incorporating 3 of the following: (mouseover for captions) I chose 2, 3, and 5 for my comic, STACKIN' TURTLE ACTION COMICS!

Starring Cozy and Drowsy!
One day, Matha Stewart was in prison but lookin for turtles!
'I need turtles for my soup! Here's one!'
  'zzzzz - uh? what? ....Huh'

'You my sleepy friend will become jailhouse soup!'
'oh no where is drowsy'
'And now into the soup!'
'Drat my slow turtle speed - I hope I've pushed this Turtle Catapult here on time'
   'I got you!'
'o thank you zcozy! i feel so safe here in your arms! i hope you hold me forever.'
    'i can tell how happy you are by your little turtle erection!'
'Er - yeah. heh heh. hold me'