nuts of dough

March 7, 2005
Fortune Cookie of the Moment
Don't expect romantic attachments to  
    be strictly logical or rational!
   Lucky Numbers 6, 7, 26, 27, 36, 37
--Fortune Cookie Fortune that I've been carrying in my wallet for a while, I transcribed it for the latest issue of the Blender of Love Digest.

Article of the Moment on the staying power of Dunkin Donuts. I admit I've always kind of liked its blue collar vibe...there was a time when Mo and I would head out, she'd get something from Starbucks, and I'd get something from the Dunkin Donuts two doors down. The article is right about the crap-tacular ambience of DD, but misses the way that for a lot of people, it's strictly a "To Go" kind of place...I'm pretty sure the car is the predominant dining area for the chain.

Ksenia mentioned some rumor that Dunkin Donuts adds hormones to make their product more addictive or something. I couldn't find any talk about this idea on Google, though I wonder if non-hormone-free cream for the coffee counts...

Link of the Moment
FoSO's SO MoSO reminded me of, proof positive that Superman is such a dick.