mimicking him hiccuping

March 18, 2005
Ksenia said she like yeterday's green-ness, but didn't even realize that it was for St. Patrick's Day. So I thought I should try tweaking the color scheme just a little bit, like this dark blue. I dunno, better, worse?

Tongue Twiser of the Moment
"She stood on a balcony inexplicably mimicking him hiccuping and amicably welcoming him in."
Speed-talker John "Micro Machines Guy" Moschitta Jr's favorite warmup exercise.
That's a provocative little sentence I thought, though easier to say than "Toy Boat" over and over.

Thought of the Moment
Cleaning the apartment in preperation for a get-together tomorrow...one of the downsides to A. having the attention span of a gnat and B. trying to adopt a "if it's not going to be easie or otherwise improve the situaion to put it off, DO IT NOW" is that I it's really hard to stay just doing one focused medium-long-term task during cleaning. Go to pantry/closet, see that I meant to put rechargable drill back in case. See black tape...remember I want to "enhance" my wallet so cards don't fall out of the front...grab tape. Stay on target stay on target...put drill away, grab tape, grab PC where it's going to go in back room, stop at computer to write this up for kisrael...it's a little crazy!

It's kind of like a computer task scheduling algorithm...ideally it's like a "stack"--start task A, see task B, start task C, finish, resume and finish B, do task A. In reality you get a bunch of parallel tasks, finishing up things as they randomly drift into mind...

Actually, the shortness of my attention span scares me...like I'm putting music on to get some energy to do all this stuff, using my DVD player as a CD player. Except unlike my car CD player the music doesn't automatically start. And sometimes it's like 15 minutes later before I think "hey, shouldn't there be some music on?"