31 on the 31st

March 31, 2005
Today's my birthday...goodness I'm getting old. 31 on the 31st. Not that it's much of a milestone, but I guess that's the oldest I could be and have that happen. And like I might've mentioned before, it's a little odd having a birthday that's also the end of a quarter, because you get little birthday reminders all the time before then, usually along the lines of "offer expires March 31st"..."hey...that's my birthday!....oh, great, another damn expired offer."

Looking back at some past birthday entries it's kind of weird to think I've been doing this site even back before I turned 27...what a young spring chicken I was!

Also, looking back at some past journal entries...I guess everyone's birthday moves forward one day in the week per year, except for leapyears (or the year after leapyears, for people who have a birthday before March). A few years ago I enjoyed some weekend birthdays, now it's a Thursday. Come on 2007!

Of course, then there are those people blessed with being born on a Leap Day...that must be both cool and annoying.

Quote of the Moment
"I believe we were put on this earth to do a lot less than we think."
Albert Zuckerman.
I hope he's right!

Birthday Wish of the Moment
Happy birthday on you
Happy birthday on you
Happy birthday all over you
Happy birthday on you
"xoxoxo Bruce".
Wow, that's a pretty evocative little jingle there, from today's Comments ...I'll have to file it away for future reference. Thanks Bruce!

Funny of the Moment
If he doesn't stir, you must inter!
I've seen surprisingly little coverage of this death. Racism? Overshadowed by the Terry Schiavo deal?