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April 16, 2005
Thinking about cleaning today.

At my recent party, Erin (I think) who hadn't seen my most recent apartment (btw: speakers of Her Majesty's an apartment with more than one floor in it still a "flat"?) but who had seen some of my old places mentioned that I manage to make most places that I live in look kind of the same. At first I thought she meant "messy", but no, this was right after a vigorous pre-party straightening-up.

So I appreciate that. It goes along with my intuitive feeling, probably born from moving around every couple years when I was a kid, and then around every year or two since college, that home is where your stuff is, and that's about it. As an introvert with showoff tendencies, after a long day I long to come home to my sanctuary, but it's not some kind of pseudo-sacred aspect of it being "my place", it's just where I can relax, touch base with my online communities and projects, and be around my interesting stuff...follow my own agenda and interests for a bit, rather than following a path made up by someone else.

In other news...the Dow is tanking again. So the economy follows in what, 6-9 months? Not that it seemed like a gangbusters of a recovery anyway. Useful for Bush that the time worked out the way it did, election-wise.

Reassurance from Bush-backers that this pessimism is premature (not that the economy is fully the responsibility of the government, but still those tax breaks had a lot of promises behind them) is welcome.

Quote of the Moment
"It would be difficult to come up with a better symbol for romantic love than roses. Because it is beautiful and smells lovely, yes, and because the petals feel like soft skin, but mostly because they hurt like hell if you're not careful. This is why I am completely opposed to thornless roses. Roses without thorns are the floral equivalent of the word 'luv'."