pick an animal any animal

April 22, 2005
Video of the Moment
Big-Boys.com has a lot of videos, 95% fall into one of these categories:
1. home videos of people failing stunts
2. military people or dumb kids blowing stuff up (see 1.)
3. racing car wrecks
4. PG13 to R-rated boobies
However, this video of a tipsy woman ripping into her boss at an office party was brilliant.

Question of the Moment
Q: What animal would you be if you could be an animal?
A: You already are an animal.
Douglas Coupland, "Microserfs"

Essay of the Moment
Semi-scholarly essay on "Metal" culture...I think most of use knew a few "metalheads" in high school, and this was a good luck at what that's all about.