old-lady rub needed

May 4, 2005
Random Quote of the Moment
"excuse me, can you hand me that tub of old lady rub for me? cause im an old lady"
--sig of "trigun" on AtariAge. I have no idea if it has another meaning or if it's from somewhere or what but it gets stuck in my head, redundancy and bad puncuation and all.

Thought of the Moment
"We have a good model of a dozen or so regions of the auditory and visual cortex, how we strip images down to very low-resolution movies based on pattern recognition. Interestingly, we donít actually see things, we essentially hallucinate them in detail from what we see from these low resolution cues. Past the early phases of the visual cortex, detail doesnít reach the brain."
--Ray Kurzweil, from this great interview by author Cory Doctorow about his thoughts on the Singularity. That thought is interesting...it's probably what makes learning to draw well so hard, and what makes dreams so vivid.