retreat to the cave

May 27, 2005
Game of the Moment
In the forehead smacking "why didn't I think of that?" department, SFCave 3D, a 3D (in a cheap and cheerful way) Java version of the great Java and Palm game SFCave I wrote about all the way back on 01/01/01. (Which was the third entry ever...back then I thought it was going to be cool to say I started in 2000, also I liked how you could just use the last two digits of the current year for the age of the blog, but now it's proven to be more of a pain, with December 2000 having two dinky entries in the archives.)

Naughtiness of the Moment
Thanks to the R pentomino for pointong out B3TA's Phallic Logo Awards. Some of these logos are so wonder if the designer was just that dumb, or just that smart. Obviously people who aren't amused by cartoony and stylized phalli should steer clear.