sign of the z!

June 10, 2005
It's Ksenia's Aunt's birthday, and we found out she wanted the video of "The Thorn Birds" miniseries from the 80s.

Man is this thing hard to find...I must have called and/or checked like 7 places. Every place has like 4 copies of the crappy sequel "The Lost Years" and none of the original, even the places I called and asked "is this in stock?" "well, our computer says it is." Finally we stumble into Borders right as it's about to close and find their one copy.

Anyway, I think it's so funny in a pathetic way when a store clerk in a bookstore or place with DVDs says "we don't have that in stock, but we could order it for you..." I worry that they don't understand that their niche (for me) in a is totally dependent on instant gratification. I guess there might be some people who don't use the 'Net, or maybe people are smarter than me and realize they can save on shipping or something, but still, it seems really optimistic.

Apropos of nothing: I was paging through my co-worker's kid's coloring book in English and Spanish and found out that "Zorro" is Spanish for "Fox". All this time, a few years of Spanish, and I never even noticed. I always thought Zorro was just a guy's made-up name. (And actually now I'm almost surprised it's not "El Zorro".) Learn something new every day...some days, two things!

Photoshoppery of the Moment
--from a Worth 1000 Great M.C. Escher contest. Great stuff.