absolutely radishing

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June 30, 2005
Activity Suggestions of the Moment
Excerpts from 2003's How To Draw a Radish Calendar. Love that final one:
Zen Pebbles - Buy a bag of aquarium pebbles at a pet shop and scatter over the top of a bank of horizontal file cabinets. Pause in your busy day and rearrange them as the mood strikes.
Local Delicacies - In Ellicot City, Maryland, Mr. S.J.Yates shoves peppermint sticks into lemons. You can drink the juice through the candy stick as if it were a straw! [...] If you can't visit Mr. Yates today, try making this lemon treat yourself.
Fiddle Away Your Entire Weekend - "There is nothing so hard for us to understand, as so eazy for others, az that we hav fiddled our time out. Kindly Yurz, Josh Billings, 1874"
Fun at Work! - Keep a water balloon at your desk as a pet to create a frisson of excitement--it might someday pop.