geekery on the high seas

More strange urban center overrun by gangs of black youth playing dodgeball, for keeps...the rallying cry "where can a fellow find a game?!?" warned before an outbreak. (Sometimes fellow was replaced with the N-word.) Then, two, an oddly short Dr. Ruth (who changed her last name, maybe because she got married) who had her entire lower body replaced with white plastic cyberlegs...very odd.

Geek Tool of the Moment
There are lots of decent tools out there to show you the "diff"erence between two text files, which lines are different, but only a very small percentage of them are good at showing you what's different for any particular pair of lines...they view lines as being "atomic", so to speak.

Enter diffline v0.1! It starts from both ends and shows you what part in the middle is different. This is especially useful when you have lots of junk on a single line, like with a PATH or CLASSPATH variable comparision. It's a bit primitive (I mean, it's not smart enough to know that abXcdYef and abXYcdYZef have that "cd" in common) but very useful to a certain small set of circumstances I think.

This and several other geek tools available on ths kisrael tools page.

Star Wars Figure of the Moment
--Heheheh... from the same spot that served up that woman falling through bubbles toy...