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July 12, 2005
Horoscope of the Moment
Taurus: (April. 20-May 20)
Please stop comparing your own experiences to those of Sisyphus, who, unlike you, at least tried to get stuff done.
Old Onion Horoscope

Political Statement of the Moment
Bush when directly asked if he will live up to his pledge to dismiss any leakers in the CIA officer case, when that leaker turns out to be his advisor Karl Rove.
[Insert usual political jab about "bringing integrity to the whitehouse here"]

Geek Anecdote of the Moment
You know, I remember Friendster was always so, so dang slow.

And I also noticed that, judging by the URLs on the site, they were using Java/JSP.

I've updated my profile recently. And the site seems pretty responsive.

And the URLs indicated it's now in PHP.

I'm just sayin', is all...and yet it's still Java that brings in the big bucks, roughly speaking and at least for the time being.