basic is for the rest of you

Rant of the Moment
I'll come right out and say it : LOGO blows. So does Lisp, but at least you can actually write programs in Lisp, if you are masochistic enough. Forth is for engineer nerds who think FORTRAN 77 is too high level, Smalltalk is for liberal flannel wearing publishing geeks, Java is for abstraction wonks who like to make up phrases using odd words like 'facade' to describe perfectly ordinary comp sci stuff from 30 years ago that they have just now 'reinvented', C++ is for overly caffeinated control freaks who will argue for hours about inheritance and then go write it in crappy C syntax anyways when nobody is looking, assembler is for wierd ninja-geeks who sit around in dark rooms mumbling about cycles, straight C is for power tripping egomaniacal maniacs who would rather spend twenty hours rewriting ALL of your code BECAUSE YOU DID IT WRONG rather than spend an hour learning to use something somebody else wrote, Pascal is for teachers who flunked out of English class but still wanted to pretend to be superior.

And Basic? Basic? BASIC?

Basic is for the rest of you.

Game of the Moment
I while back I kisrael'd there is Zombie4, and it feels a lot more like a game than a demo, relative to the previous version. Pretty tough though!