space race war

August 23, 2005
Yesterday I redid my car stereo's welcome message to "Howdy" from "The Puck". I'm not sure if they said "Howdy" on Bonanza or not, but figured it was an acceptable artistic license. And right friendly to boot.

I know I'm such a poser when it comes to anything cowboy-ish. But I've been listening to "Ghost Riders in the Sky" a lot, ever since I heard Spike Jones' parody version of it.

Also, best name of a poem on the Blender ever: Cowsome Loneboy.

Video of the Moment
Funny but mildly offensive to the humor impaired, The Old Negro Space Program made me laugh out. (via Bill the Splut)

Cultural Science of the Moment
Asians and North Americans literally see the world differently...when shown a scene, North Americans tend to focus on the thing in the foreground, while the Asians give more attention to the background and the scene as a whole. That's really interesting...I wonder what all the implications of that are.