all wet

August 30, 2005
I just gave a couple hundred to the Salvation Army, earmarked for Katrina relief, and invite folks to do the same or similar. Even if the worst of the predictions I posted yesterday didn't come to pass, it's very bad on the Gulf Coast.

If there's a Katrina-related blood-drive around here, I'm tempted to give despite not quite waiting for the "minimum number of weeks between donations" thing. I'm a big guy, I can probably handle it, though my bloodtype isn't especially useful.


In other news, I was thinking about getting some home exercise gear. I have to admit Dance Dance Reolution wasn't quite working out, to get decent exercise from it you have to be pretty good at the game itself, plus it can sometimes be harsh on the knees. Historically I'd gotten ok use out of an ordinary treadmill, and then Mo had us buy a fullsize Stairmaster. Brookstone has that ministepper for $200...I was certain if it would suffice, but then on craigslist I found essentially the same model for $25. Seemed ok this morning. So we'll see how that goes.

Not-So-Ominous Warning of the Moment
--This "teaser" was put in the window of a storefront being rennovated on my street. Judging by the name "Beijing Kitchen" (the proper signage showed up a month or so later) it looks to be a small chinese restaurant.

Quote of the Moment
Middle age is when you've met so many people that every new person you meet reminds you of someone else., this has so happened to me at work. Every other coworker reminds me of a previous coworker.