if you make something, it wasn't in the universe before--and that feels so good to human beings

Quote of the Moment
Well, it's a perfectly agreeable, innocent thing to do, and it's a way of being human. What I hate about public school systems that cut out the arts because they're not a way to make a living...it is such a human thing to do, and it is the experience of becoming. If you make something, it wasn't in the universe before. And that feels so good to human beings, and to cheat kids out of that is criminal. Everybody should be painting now, or drawing, or whatever, just as they should be singing or taking walks or falling in love or whatever... it's so human, and not to teach kids how to do this is to cheat them terribly.

Hints of the Moment
How to Win Carny Games. Interesting tidbit:
If these games are so hard to win, how come you see so many prizes being carried around? Some carnys have been known to simply give away prizes to pretty ladies in order to fool the masses seeing them walk into thinking "wow, if SHE can win that, I could!"
I always assumed their boyfriends had mad skills, or lots of money to spend. Another interesting thing was reading about a basketball player named Rick Barry who was a great freethrow shooter...but he made all his shots "granny-style".