ah waltham

October 7, 2005
Quote and Scandal of the Moment
"Waltham: it's like our own little New Jersey right here in Massachusetts."
--"Adam 12" from a WBZNWBCN (thanks Candi) promo. Funny little idea...obviously meant as a bit of a dig, but both state and city have their own blue collar pride and character as they orbit a larger metropolis. My family has connections to both Waltham (my mom and aunt growing up, and then where I lived and owned a house for a bit) as well as the Garden State (a vacation home a few blocks from the shore that is slated to my relative's permanent residence heading into retirement.)

In other New Jersey news, Tuesday Morning Quarterback pointed out a truly scary result of the Supreme Court Ruling letting "eminent domain" be used for private development. In Union Township, it looks like an Assemblyman effectively seized land to allow a political contributor to build townhouses...ignoring the fact that's what the owner of the land wanted to do as well. A seriously frightening blend of cronyism and tyranny...I don't utterly disagree with the court ruling, but there needs to be some kind of check to make sure it's not abused and that getting your local politician to seize land for you doesn't become a cost-effective alternative to avoiding the free market.

Cartoon of the Moment
--Cartoon by Adam Green, who was the subject of the first lovblender review. Brilliant!

Video of the Moment
Actually I just emailed with Adam Green and he pointed out this Trailer for "The Shining", which does an astounding job of making it seem like a "feel-good-movie"...amazingly clever in its selectivity.