Best Moment of the Moment
Anyway, Pee-wee loves fruit salad and says so. Miss Yvonne, obviously thinking with her enormous pair of brain, laughs and tells Pee-wee to marry fruit salad if he loves it so much. Pee-wee was always offering up marriage to the others. Love that sandwich? WHY DON'T YOU MARRY IT? Love using the telephone? WHY DON'T YOU MARRY IT? Pee-wee is just like my fucking family. I'M NOT READY FOR THAT KIND OF COMMITMENT AUNT PAM JUST LET ME HAVE SEX WITH MY FRUIT SALAD ON A REGULAR BASIS COMFORTABLY PLEASE. I MEAN EAT IT.
I liked the leading essay...especially the rant against people saying "they must have been on drugs"... "Pee-wee and the people who helped him write the show were not on drugs, you know why? Because people on drugs aren't clever or creative. They say things like DAVE'S NOT HERE MAN and it is JOKES and JOKES and JOKES and JOKES." (thanks Bill)