Oops, looks like I'm a bit lax in updating...I'm blaming a slow recovery from a Turkey OD yesterday; Ksenia and I actually hit three different dinners before the day was done.

Link of the Moment
P-P-P-Powerbook.com, a funny tale of scamming a would-be Ebay scammr. The photos on the front page are half the fun, but the story is pretty good to.

The main link is a PDF document. Man, Apple "Preview" makes viewing PDFs an absolute joy...well, a relative joy, relative to the slow as molasses, always-checking-for-updates, user-hostile-UI, loader-of-a-1,000-sub-modules piece-of-crap that Adobe puts out for Windows. I thought it was something intrinsic with the PDF format, which is admittedly geared at proper printout rather than fast screen display, but no...it's just Acrobat Reader that's a steaming pile of cyberturds.