premature adulation

December 5, 2005
Neologism of the Moment
I was trying to think of the word for when someone at an instrumental concert starts clapping before the true end of the piece. (Hint: wait for the the conductor to drop his or her hands.) The best I came up with was "Premature Adulation". Can anyone top that?

Game of the Moment
Cool but a little long for the joke (I didn't actually get to find Samus) it's Megaman vs Metroid, a mashup of two Nintendo classics.

Random Question of the Moment
Do Vegans like cold cereal? (Ok, a bit silly to speak off ALL Vegans as a single group but...) If so, what do they put on it? Soy Milk? Or is that seen as just a ghoulism impression of animal cruelty? OJ? That ghetto-unfabulous or no-time-to-run-to-the-store-option water?