you'll not only be hip

January 5, 2006
How To of the Moment
"Be cool, start a new trend! Start eating fruits and vegetables for lunch and as a snack. Don't forget to bring an extra helping for a friend. Before you know it, you will have started a trend. And guess what? You'll not only be hip, but you and your friends will be healthy, too!"
--The 5 A Day program (servings of fruits and vegetables displays a certain lack of understanding about the psychology of kids.

Image Searching of the Moment
A while back I posted KrazyDad's flickr-based color pickrs...the bottom of the page has more specific searches. Today BoingBoing linked to another cool search, retrievr, where you can make a sketch and it will try and find things that look like that sketch. Technically more impressive but somehow less aatisfying than the pickrs. (Incidentally, the KrazyDad site has a lot more cool toys and a blog and what not...I really need to learn Flash one of these days...)