just don't die stinky

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February 11, 2006
Video of the Moment
I think I mentioned I saw some of the Super Bowl, including many of the commercials. One of the coolest was that Degree Deoderant Stunt City spot...that link has the much funnier Director's Cut. The thing is, I'm a little wary of their tag line. I'm already a bit wary of the prospect of my deoderant's aluminum gradually seeping into my mind and making me forget my own zip code, so the prospect of "3X The Protection, For Men Who Take Risks" really isn't that enticing.

Video of the Other Moment
Speaking of men who weren't afraid to take risks... David Hasselhoff Is Hooked On a Feeling. Wow... now I think I understand why Germans LOVE David Hasselhoff. (I have first hand evidence of it, seeing the guy airbrushed on top of the bumper cars at a local carnival.)

Realization of the Moment
"We're Russian so we like the cold...and Jewish, so we like to suffer."
(Tomorrow being an unusual exception.)