February 15, 2006
Typo of the Moment
Ooh, weird...after a lunchtime work conversation I went Googling on Synesthesia dyslexia, I really wonder if there can be some connection between the two... it took me a few tries and a tangental search to get the spelling of the first word. The weird part was I then mistyped and actually searched for Synesthesia dysliexia... and there was exactly one match for that: me making the exact same typo exact same typo on slashdot in 2003. I guess the typo is pretty characteristic of the mistakes I tend to make, phonetically blending syllables a bit, the ending "ia" of the word getting me to insert the extra "i" in the syllable before.

THE THING IS, I keep thinking that this type of frequent mistake should clearly tell me something about me, like whether I'm more of a "visual" or an "audio" thinker, but I don't quite know how to interprate the results. Part of it is, some part of me "wants" to be a "visual thinker", and that might bias the interpretation I'm going to make.

Or maybe the only safe interpretation is "I'm a bad typist when I try and type fast".

Quote of the Moment
Love is sometimes more than just blind.
Jonathan Lethem, "Gun, With Occasional Music"... also used for that recent loveblender.
Music of the Moment
DJ BC has made a second Beastles Beatles/Beastie Boys mashup album, Let It Beast. I'm still kind of listening to it, but overall it doesn't seem nearly as tight as the original, kind of disorganized and chaotic.

Explanation of the Moment
Just a little late for Valentine's Day...Slate Explains why do we draw hearts that way?