February 19, 2006
Riddle of the Moment
"How can you tell a girl ghost from a boy ghost?"
My half-awake mind came up with that this morning. It's pretty obvious but I don't remember hearing it before.

Animation of the Moment
--Ksenia's sister found this online...I think it's the Ali G character Borat Sagdiyev, "Kazakhstan's sixth most famous man". I find it strangely hypnotic. Borat quotes from the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Essay of the Moment
FoSO sent along a Globe editorial, Don't sweat the small stuff when so much else matters. It's well-tread territory, but pretty good. A few random thoughts: One, I think its dead on in pointing out often we rage at the small stuff when it's the big stuff that has really got us worried. Two, I hate to think that some of the truisms from the small stuff book might not hold up, like "Remember, One Hundred Years from Now, All New People" if there's some new longevity treatment that only some rich bastards can afford. Three, while I like the idea of "Ask yourself, will this matter in a year?" in priciple, for an information packrat like me, who just made it easier to review what was going on this date for the last 6 or 7 years in both my public and private journal, there's a chance to let these slights recur years later. Or...maybe I'll read it and think "gosh, I don't even remember that."

So there you go.