March 4, 2006
Wow Jon Stewart hosting the Oscars? This is the first time I remember seeing the host as a reason to watch... anyone planning an Oscar party?

Boobies of the Moment
Boingboing (heheh) linked to this amazing Breast Bounce simulator. Choose a cupsize, activity level, and see how much better their shockabsorbing bra is at reducing the motion. Includes geek-friendly 3D Wireframe views. Reminds me a bit of the quotes I kisrael'd on this day...

Equal Opportunity Offender of the Moment
So my ELAS was a bit offended by the above link, which you, is kind of just soft core boobly porn. But she said it could possibly be counterbalanced by flying jockstraps, so, and luckily boingboing had an equally (if not more) [in]approrpriate link: aren't basketball players supposed to wear jockstraps or something? The newspaper claims it's an "unfortunate optical illusion", but that is a mighty meaty looking "illusion".