stretch the world

April 10, 2006
--The world as stretched by incoming tourism... linked to by cellar.. this and many more at worldmapper

Aside of the Moment
Previously I had kisrael'd my preference for Dunkin' Donuts over Starbucks, framing it as kind of a classwar thing. It has another angle as well, as I discovered in Washington DC, where it was either Krispy Kreme or Au Bon Pain as my main morning options... I really prefer the way DD will have their people add the milk and sugar for you. I find something satisfying in be handed a cup of ready to drink coffee, rather than something I have to take over to a little counter, open up, open the pack of sugar, add it, find the right kind of cream or milk, add it, stir, and seal it all back up.

The former feels more like buying a finished product rather than just handed a blank cup of coffee, and I'm not so sensitive about the "perfect" amount of cream or sugar that I feel the need to micromanage it.

Judging by their radio spots, McDonalds hs figured this out as well, because they're giving "we add the cream and sugar for you!" as a selling point.