he's a super neat freak! he's super-neaty.

May 18, 2006
I wonder if I could (or should) will myself into becoming something more of a neat freak.

It can start with simple stuff, like hanging up my coat when I walk in the door, rather than just tossing it wherever. And putting a bowl away when I'm done with it, rather than letting it sit.

I do get a little buzz of rightness when I declutter in some small way like that, and I wonder if it's something I could consciously parlay into larger decluttering and maintenance of that decluttered state.

In Googling on this kind of topic, I found FlyLady.net's "How To Declutter" page. I appreciate the arbitrariness of the 27 Fling Boogie, a method that says trash 27 items, then find 27 items to give away.

The concept of "Body Clutter" (which I think is mostly seen as excess weight) is also kind of interesting. Overall the site is a bit too cutesy and blatantly "not my demographic", but still.

Dialog of the Moment
Uhura: I'm not picking up any signals.
Kirk: Really? I was under the impression that women could read a man like a book.
IJD GAF, it's the opening of a five-minute retelling of the Original Trek Episode "The Changeling", the one where the violent probe Nomad calls Kirk "The Creator".

Link of the Moment
Slate Blogs the Bible... it looks like the plan is to go through it chapter by chapter, and commenting on it all along. It is amazing how many stories from the Bible don't get a lot of play nowadays, and how many don't even jive with what we think of as "Judeo-Christian Morality".

Site Anniversary of the Moment
Heh, according to this site's retrospect feature (showing what I wrote on this date for all the years going back to my Palm journal in 1997) today is the one year anniversary of...this site's retrospect feature. I guess that means I should be seeing repeats for the most part, but generally enough time goes by that it shouldn't feel too repetitive.