fly me to the moon, shake rattle & roll, etc.

May 19, 2006
Yesterday morning I had the end of a dream where I was walking on some kind of campus w/ Evil B. The moon was HUGE, low over the horizon and I could see all this detail (I think the fact that the moon looks larger the lower it is has sunk into my subconscious, which tends to exaggerate it a bit) I admired it for a moment but then it suddenly leaped to the left, then up... I just had time to process "Oh crap, that's not just the moon, something bad must be happening to the earth", then I heard some shouts and yells and was engulfed in heat and red light. I had just enough time to utter a prayer to the Universe of "thanks, I've had a pretty good run" before waking up.

I've been remember dreams a bit more often lately. On the one hand I'm grateful for that, because it seems like a way of "reclaiming" some of the value the need to sleep for so much of a 24-cycle takes away. On the other hand, I think I'm waking up more frequently in the morning hours, which is why I'm remembering stuff, and I don't think that that's good.

Video of the Moment
Not The Nine O'Clock News on Animal Communication... funny!

I like distinction Bill the Splut makes:
"funny" is when I laugh, "amusing" is when I just smirk
That seems useful but I'm not sure if it's universal enough to use without explaining it every time. But it's better than "I actually LOL'd!"

Photo of the Moment
--I thought this photo would be cool when I took it a few days ago, but now it just looks like a bad photoshop filter.