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June 9, 2006
"Thoughts on al-Zarqawi?" Cole prompted yesterday.

Well, I don't have much to say about that. Obviously his death bodes well for the situation in Iraq and a victory for people who would like to see peace and stability there, but I don't know how well. Sometimes the government downplays the importance of individual terrorists, like when it can't manage to track them down, times like this it talks about how this could change the tide there.

Update: Did Bush nix plans to take out Zarqawi a few years ago because doing so might diminish his case for war in Iraq? I wouldnt be surprised.

Photos of the Moment
This site has been lacking images as of late, so...

I got the privilege of seeing EBaby in her first 24 hours on the planet! So cute! And a head full of pretty hair already!

Runner up in the cute contest: Ksenia's family's kitten Sonja:

A distant third: this random cubicle connector gadget I found on my desk at work, seemed a little bit like a Sanrio character...

Not so much "cute" as "weird", me messing around with EB's swim-goggles while waiting for him to pick up some clothes from home:

And then last Saturday Ksenia and I made up an army of chocolate covered Strawberries and an auxiliary corps of kumquats for her stepdad's birthday...