the careers kirk missed out on

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July 8, 2006
You know what job I'd be good at, I think? Film Continuity Editor. Assuming the job title is what I think, namely the guy who looks at series of shots and makes sure nothing has moved between any of them. It drives me completely nuts when the body language of a character in a movie or TV show changes from shot to shot.

Quote of the Moment
"It doesn't take all kinds to make a world, we just have all kinds."
--"Willow Herself"'s Father-In-Law, via

Gadgets of the Moment
--Matthew Irvine Brown has some interesting ways of helping begining brass musicians... Finger Finger Revoluion, in effect, with a variety of cute virutal instruments, like the trumpet shown here. It looks like there's some other cool stuff in his portfolio as well. (thanks xoxoBruce)