August 8, 2006
I'm on the road this morning, so I'm prepublishing this...

There's no question that everyone would like to be rich, but I think that most people aren't willing or are incapable to become the kind of people that seek wealth with the neccesary kind of verve, chutzpah, focus, and callousness. Most of us still are still kind of looking for that "one big break" that's going to put them on easy street. I know I am, but I have no idea what that is. Sometimes I have daydreams of some insanely rich person tapping of some small percentage of their wealth to let me retire NOW, maybe because of some passing interest they have in some project I've done. But of course, that's not the way the world works, and the people who do have that kind of money wouldn't have for it long if they were prone to that kind of indulgence.

(That was response to this LJ post by Nick B)

Art of the Moment

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"August", by Timna Woollard
from Where The Heart Is.