truth + love = justice

August 20, 2006
Years ago I was grumbling about the Windows key, and it still strikes me as an invention of tremendous hubris on behalf of Microsoft. To leap across the software/hardware boundary for a bit of marketing in the guise of "usability"... that's really something. (On the other hand, it is a bit useful for me as a way of quickly launching programs without resorting to the mouse...)

Doesn't it annoy the heck out of people using other operating systems on PC hardware?

And FWIW, yesterday's doodle was a product of that Fujitsu Lifebook I was jonesing for and finally broke down and got, having reached my first goal of 20 lbs lost. I think the drawing/coloring style I "invented" on my Palm, using PalmPaint which seemed to lack a fill feature, works fairly well, and avoid the worst of the "made with Microsoft Paint" effect.

Geekery of the Moment
The fantasy computer game Ultima IV introduced a really interesting set virtues, setting the game apart from the "kill everything and take their money" approach of the earlier games, and of many other series.

The Avatar
Reading up on them at the Wikipedia Wikipedia page and this fan page I find I really like the "alchemy" behind. The basic principles are Truth, Love, and Courage (the pages go into greter detail about the symbols for each.) These are combined to form the 8 principles as follows:

Truth >>> Honesty
Love >>> Compassion
Courage >>> Valour
Truth + Love >>> Justice
Love + Courage >>> Sacrifice
Courage + Truth >>> Honour
Truth + Love + Courage >>> Spirituality
No Virtues >>> Pride, countered by Humility

Of course I had to really admire the Principles and Virtues of Mandrake the Bard.... the Principles are Wine, Women, and Song, and form the following:
Wine >>> Drunkenness
Women >>> Sensuality
Song >>> Harmony
Wine + Women >>> Lust
Wine + Song >>> Laziness
Women + Song >>> Dance
Wine + Women + Song >>> Indulgence
No Virtues >>> Sadness, countered by Happiness