xvex sberire!

August 22, 2006
Years ago I wrote about ROT13, that simple reversible cypher for making text unreadable but decodable. Recently I introduced the idea to Rob, and he wrote me a note with it. It made me realize that we all have "ROT13 Names" of varying degrees of pronouncability and coolness. Rob's isn't so bad ("Ebo") but mine, "Xvex", just rocks. (Hmm. Ksenia's isn't so bad either, "Xfravn"... of course, the first part of her name looks a bit pre-ROT13d already.)

Complement of the Moment
"I'm so jealous.... you have such long eyelashes... like a cow!"
--Ksenia, 2006/8/20. She then went on to explain how she really meant it as a true complement.

A day or two later I realized it was making me think of Mimi's (slightly deranged sounding) sister from this one episode of "The Drew Carey Show", where she starts stroking Kate's hair and says "You have such nice soft hair... like a

Guess you had to be there.

Music Video of the Moment

--WeAreTheWeb.org... fighting for Net Neutrality! I'm most impressed by the work of Leslie Hall, whose Gem Sweater Galleries with her modeling the sweaters with these amazing gold pants and the same flat expression made her a little famous. (Heh, according to Wikipedia, A. she's only like 25 or so and B. went to the School of the MFA.) I also appreciate the willingness of Tron Guy (who even has his own Atari game made by fans) and Randy "Peter Pan" Constant to exploit their net celebritidom for a good cause, and to be in good spirits about the whole thing.