glooster? glowster? glue-sister?

August 27, 2006
Yesterday had a very pleasant afternoon at this beachhouse in Gloucester FoSO and FoSOSO have been renting. FoSO was pretty adament that no one feel constrained to do any particular damn thing, which was fine by us. Ksenia and I started walking, and after failing to navigate to the nearby beach, thought
Well, this isn't too bad for a lazy Saturday afternoon... but how can we make it even lazier?
The answer, of course... with less walking! So we got in the car (actually we made the decision consulting with the GPS in the sun-warmed car after coming in from the rather chilly outside) and drove into town.

photo from Rocky Neck Art Colony Site
On the way in we found Turtle Alley Chocolates, which had some absolutely great stuff. Especially the "Chipolte Bark", dark chocolate with hot pepper that had this wonderful burn after.

Ksenia was able to call her friend from school, local to the area, who works at a cool vintage store called Banana's. Got some nifty stuff there as well, a Hawaain Shirt, Ksenia got a dress and some shoes, that kind of thing.

The one thing is I keep forgetting how to pronounce "Gloucester", pronouncing it like "Worcester"... I just can't keep my "sounds nothing like it's spelled" New England towns straight.