what did we learn this week, children?

September 1, 2006
I learned a few things at this company and in this city:
  1. There was a gentleman working here who aways wore a turban. I have to admit that it never occurred to me that you could coordinate a turban with the shirt you were wearing, color-wise, much like I've been doing with shirts and ties all week, but now it makes perfect sense.
  2. There company had a room/closet labeled "medical needs". It had cupboards labeled with a sequence of letters. For some reason I was a little bit bothered about why there was a comfortable chair in the center of that small dark room, facing the cupboards, until I realized that it might make a discrete place for a nursing mother. (Or, I suppose, someone resting with a headache or some such.) There was also a digital clock right in front of the chair, rather that was something useful for such a situation, or more a nagging reminder that "times a-passin'!" I'm not sure.
  3. So Colorado has the lowest obesity rate in the country. Though Massachuseets isn't far behind, surprisingly...but in the Denver area, I think you could really tell, especially in this high-rent area. It's a little funny how there's a correlation between being well-off and being fit, and we've changed as a culture, so that basic food needs are generally easily met.
  4. After a successful presentation of the new small application I developed for this company, one of the women mentioned that I was a bit if a brainiac, or a similar term. So I guess it's flattering that despite my self-perceived (or even hypochondriacal) mental deterioration over the years, I still read as "smart", even when I'm just trying to be "friendly" and/or "eager to please".
More as I think of it but I have to go pack.