her immaculate burberry hotpants gleamed beneath the harsh fluorescent lights

September 14, 2006
So my cute little touchscreen laptop may have inspired some art from the guests of honor at the party we had on Saturday... this was beyond the fun rounds of "Eat Poop You Cat" we played.

Prose of Saturday
Chapter Fourteen - Viewing the Pinnipeds, or An Effete Pandemic

Johnny Theremin lunged for the rubber cantaloupe, but the villainous Doctor Anthelion fired his Bilious Ray with deadly accuracy. Johnny fell short by inches, clutching his heroic duodenum and groaning manfully. "You'll never get away with this, Anthelion!" he bellowed from his intrepid diaphragm. Doctor Anthelion sneered. "That's such a cliche, Theremin. The Cantaloupe is mine! MINE!" Menacingly, he reached for the pliant rubber. Johnny Theremin writhed fruitlessly on the grimy Pergo.

"Stop right there, Doctor!" A voice rang out from the doorway just out of frame. Both men looked around to see Penny Panopticon, her Gatling gun slung nonchalantly beneath her left arm. Her immaculate Burberry hotpants gleamed beneath the harsh fluorescent lights.

"And why should I?" snapped the Doctor, adjusting his goggles malevolently.

"Because I - I have the Fantod!" announced Penny, gesticulating grandiosely.

"The Fantod! The Flammable Fantod?" gasped the malign Doctor, firing his Bilious Ray into the air in shock and emphasis.

"The very same!" shouted Johnny, leaping to his feet and brandishing his laser peashooter.

"I'm ruined!" howled the Doctor, crumpling to the floor in defeat and a small pool of deus ex machina.

"Johnny Theremin" stories are kind of interesting bits of guerrilla prose, continuing adventures written by various people on cocktail napkins and airsick bags to be discovered by unsuspecting readers. F. explained that its modeled after the work Neil Gaiman invented to claim he's working on when people ask. (I don't know if it's supposed to be a secret or not, Google comes up with suspiciously little on it.)

Image of Saturday
--A collaboration between Me and Mr. Ibis...I drew the head, he added the color, torso, and really interesting arms. He definitely has a different kind of attention to detail than I do. I think it shows up in our coding styles too.