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September 27, 2006
So, the other day I read some news that kind of bummed me out a bit... 2006 will be the last model year for my car, the Scion xA. It's kind of weird to think I'll be driving an orphan, especially because I think it's such a nifty utilitarian blend. And it seems like its likely replacements are going to be bigger. Definately those xB boxes sold better, they thought the xA was going to be the hot seller because of the cost, but the "hip to be square" idea won out.

I don't know if this will increase the value of a used Scion xA, because they won't be just "an old Scion" but something more uncommon, or decrease it, because it'll just be an odd duck. But given that I think my philosophy is to drive a car into the ground (taking care of it along the way though) and then try and give it or sell it for a song to someone who could use it, maybe it's not such a big issue for me.

Quote of the Moment
[On the reaction to the Chicago Seven trial] "They ran up and down the street, smashing car windows and stuff. My first reaction was, 'Yeah, right on!' But then I thought, 'Wait, I'm parked out there.'"
--Harold RemisRamis, via this Slate piece on the intense conservatism of John "Pretty in Pink" Hughes.

Video of the Moment
--Homebrew Stopaction animation, with a bit of a videogame theme.