meaning to alarm you

October 2, 2006
The other week I saw the most amazing alarm clock. I don't recall the brand name, but what impressed me is that in a lower part of the display it showed what time the alarm was set for, in much smaller numbers than the current time, and I think a different color. So you could tell at a glance, and didn't have to fiddle with any buttons. What a great idea! Such an obvious idea, but I'm not sure if I would have thought of it. I guess that's why there are patents, but I still think we're a bit patent-happy in this country.

Rant of the Moment
[On receiving a job at the Appalachian Regional Commission, one of the "antipoverty agencies" setup during the Kennedy and Johnson eras] You see, poverty was actually recognized as a real problem, and the government actually tried to help people to overcome it. How crazy is that? What were we thinking? It was obviously a wrongheaded idea, and I am so glad that we got rid of all those agencies. Look around. Everyone seems to be doing so well, especially those Appalachians who live in places called Hollers. And if they aren't doing well, let me tell you, it's their own fucking fault. Besides, I am sure they are happier not being burdened by cash, which leaves them plenty of time to whittle shit to their heart's content.
--Lewis Black, "Nothing's Sacred". You have to kind of hear it in his voice for it to work. That book is a biography of sorts... he was more of an artsy 60s type than I would have guessed.