all that buzzin' makes me dizzy

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October 6, 2006
Ugh. I'm getting bajillions of bounces to "", I've had to make a Google filter. Apparently, someone is using that as the "From" line in some retarded weightloss SPAM. Such asscactusry.

I guess one of these days I have to pick a smaller number of "valid" email addresses and stop receiving any fool thing that heads to one of my web domains.

Lyrics of the Moment
So the other weekend when Ksenia and I were in Vermont we went to the Banana Republic factory outlet and I heard the coolest song... it was a nice electronica remix of "theme to Peter Gunn"...but it had lyrics, something I had never heard for that song:
Every night your line is busy,
All that buzzin' makes me dizzy.
Couldn't count on all my fingers
All the dates you had with swingers.
Bye, baby.
I'm gonna kiss you goodbye
And walk right through that doorway.
(If you want to sing along, the first four lines go along with the classic "dum dum Dum dum DUM Dum DUM DUM" bassline, and the next 4 are the same melody that kicks in in the "Spy Hunter" video game... or you could just listen to the sample they have on the Amazon page)

It turns out it's Sarah Vaughan singing, with a remix by Max Sedgley. (the original has very light percussion and lacks the drive the remix has.) Sarah Vaughan did another great "lyrics addded" cover of "'Round Midnight", which is actually how I was able to learn its somewhat amorphous melodic line.

The Verve Remixed3 also has a remixed Sarah Vaughan cover of Peggy Lee's "Fever". Oddly, the remix has exactly the same drive and beat as "Peter Gunn", so it doesn't work quite as well, given "Fever"s natural laid-back groove. Still, a good CD, as are the other ones in the series. (Or rather, each CD has at least 1 or 2 songs making it worthwhile, with the rest good filler... "Is You Is Or Is You Aint" is the start of the first one, "Whatever Lola Wants" for the second.)