thighs and whispers

October 14, 2006
The other day we had some Grey Poupon mustard at work. Oddly, my strongest association with that mustard is working with mentally handicapped kids at Camp Happiness, a daycamp run by the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland. The kids generally all got boxed lunches, but there was nothing for the counsellors except for this surplus of hotdogs we kept on hand, and then, oddly, Grey Poupon to dip 'em in.

Quote of the Moment
Thighs--of course. But knees--never!
Coco Chanel, when asked if she approved of the 60s fashion of miniskirts exposing girls' knees and thighs.
I think I know what she means, Knees are weird. Or rather, I blame the kneecaps, the rest can be quite lovely.