the sweet taste of delicious bulldozers

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So Friday Ksenia got a late birthday gift of a Cuisinart, which was a tremendous help in the making of Borscht. I helped her set it up... I admired its determination in making it very difficult to chop off your own fingers (though I suppose you could give yourself a nasty cut removing the blade.) I also helped her use it a bit, and dropping a bit of cabbage into the feedtube and see it chopped into bits is viscerally satisfying.

The other thing I appreciated was that it has two settings: on and off, with a "pulse" function. High-end blenders are the same thing, on, off, with a pulse function. I find it appealing that high-endish equipment is so elegant and to the point while the middle-brow stuff throws in like 7 or 8 in between buttons.

Machine of the Moment
2 years ago I posted about this giant excavator...turns out this gigundous machine has developed a taste for bulldozers. Mmm-mmm good! (via trunkbutt)