so i says to myself, says i

November 28, 2006
Hmm. I'm a little worried about the guy who lives in the apartment behind ours. He likes to collect and returns bottles and cans to make a little pocket money, so we tend to leave our empties outside his door, and they haven't moved for like a week. Don't know if I should call the landlord and asks if he knows anything, or what...

UPDATE: I called the landlord, the fellow in question moved out, and back in with his wife, so that sounds like good news. Thanks for the encouragement to stick my nose in other people's business!

Quote of the Moment
"When he come up I looked him in the eye, and I saw shoot, and there wasn't any shoot in nary other eye in the crowd; and so I says to myself, says I, hoss, it's about time to sing small, and so I did."
--"Notorius Badman" Russell Bean, explaining why he meekly gave himself up (future president) Andrew Jackson, after holding off the sherrif while heavily armed. I love the language in that quote, I wonder how accurate the original transcription was.

Link of the Moment
Wii-owners, be warned: WiiHaveAProblem. Specifically, if you're hurling hard enough to let the controller fly out of your hand, there's a chance that the thing bit holding on the wriststrap might not save your big expensive television...

Products of the Moment
A friend pointed out with amusing tanks and undies for gals. I hadn't realized the "Tune In Tokyo" meme extended beyond Tufts, but it seems that it has. Live and learn!