i hear you

I've started semi-deliberately using phrases like "I hear you" and "I get what you're saying" as a response during discussions, especially ones that have a point of contention. And really, I do try to get the persective of the person I might be disagreeing with. But I'm not sure if its perceived as a legitimate reassurance and validation, or just a sort of rheotorical trick.

What do you think? Is using that kind of language actually useful in expressing viewpoint empathy, or does it ring too hollow?

RetroGeekChic of the Moment
The same guy who did Metroid Cubed and other lovely extensions of old Nintendo ROM data has done Hyrule Planetoids. (Thanks Nick B)

Video of the Moment
Slate had an interesting little bit of clips called The Power and the Glory of the Rocky Montage. I decided to commemorate Stallone's Awesome One-Handed-Pushup Ability in Animated GIF form. (A smaller version of which I'll add to the small gif cinema.)

South Park has a great montage parody...I hadn't realized it kind of started with Rocky. It's interesting how it pays lip service to, but covers up, the sheer monotony and drudgery of putting in the time to get good at nearly anything...