she woulda screamed her hands off

January 12, 2007
So I'm considering doing some hourly work for my old company. It's so odd to work by the hour, after years of salaries (even though sometimes I was farmed out per hour.) I think you'd feel a bit like a prostitute, and every task you do, you wonder if it was worth what they were paying you...

Funny of the Moment
Manager: Man, you guys from Alabama are hard-core putting someone getting the chair on the back of your quarter.
Boss from Alabama: That's not someone getting the chair -- that's Helen Keller!
Manager: You guys electrocuted Helen Keller?!
Still pretty funny. You know, I am probably more amused than I should be by that "MISTAKEN ASSUMPTION / CORRECTION OF ASSUMPTION / INCREDULOUS CONGLOMARATION OF MISTAKE AND CORRECTION" formula... it's pretty simple but gets me laughing fairly readily.